What’s all the Hype about Wood Therapy??

So not to long ago I started hearing all this hype about how you can break down fat with wood? Yeah, I said it “wood” So I decided to do my own investigation on this whole “ Wood therapy” thing and come to find out, Wood Therapy has been practiced for centuries in the oriental countries where therapists used wood mostly for therapeutic purposes. In the 90s, a therapist in Colombia developed a new and unique wood therapy method, redesigned wood tools to a smoother finish to cater to aesthetic purposes.
 Wood therapy is a technique to massage and sculpt  the body while draining the lymphatic system, creating better blood circulation.

Benefits of Wood Therapy: 

Stimulation of the Lymphatic System

Elimination of Toxins

Acceleration of Metabolism

Cellulite Removal

Fat Burning

Tone & Tighten

After doing my own research,  I wanted to know if this really worked. Especially since I was looking for anything to get my body back to how it was before I had my 4 month old daughter. I had a pretty athletic figure before having her, and so it was a hard adjustment for me personally, being out of shape and not feeling like my normal self. I just so happen to run across someone that did wood therapy. 

 As I was Booking my appointment I began to feel a little anxious because I heard it was a very painful service. Feeling anxious all the way up to my appointment day, I was put at ease by my body sculpter that it was not really a painful thing it was more of uncomfortable, and to my surprise she was right. I caught myself tensing up in most places and it was very uncomfortable. If there was a pain level scale from 1 to 10 I would give it a 4.  It was a lot more uncomfortable in certain spots like my abdomen, but as far as my back and sides it actually felt like a deep tissue massage. Trust me it’s not that bad. So don’t let the two words “wood therapy” scare you away.

 So now you’re like okay its not that painful but is it effective??

For myself personally it did wonders, first session I was really swollen, so after 3 days I can definitely see the difference after the swelling went down from mud before and after pictures and that was just ONE SESSION!  All together I ended up doing 3 sessions and It broke down a lot of fat on my body!

It definitely depends on your body type and the amount of sessions you do.

How long did my results last?

Well my resulting are still lasting but that is also based on my eating habits and going to the gym to keep my body where I want it to be.

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